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FREE Checklist to Help You Select a Third-Party Church Conflict Consultant

One of the most common questions we receive has to do with how to evaluate a third-party church conflict consultant. This is such an important topic, that we have an entire Appendix on it in our book. And today, we want … Continue reading

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Q. OK. We’re “reconciled.” I guess. But how could we ever trust one another again?

Q. OK. We’re “reconciled.” I guess. But how could we ever trust one another again? A. Trust God. Love People. So how do Christians rebuild trust with one another in the aftermath of church conflict, even if problems have been … Continue reading

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There are people in the church who have been in the church so long they have forgotten they are hypocrites.

Tara often does Q&A’s at her events and one question she hears a lot is: How can I help a person see and confess their sin that has become a barrier to our relationship? In a previous blog, I responded … Continue reading

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What should we do when our church’s leadership is boldly rewarding and promoting their own “inner circle”?

Q: We have all heard of “cliques” in the church, but what should one do when it becomes obvious that the church’s leadership culture boldly rewards, acknowledges, and promotes their own elite “inner circle?” This is occurring while at the … Continue reading

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Megan Hill’s Endorsement of “Redeeming Church Conflicts”

Our family has been profoundly blessed by Megan Hill’s book on prayer: Praying Together – The Priority and Privilege of Prayer So I was profoundly blessed by her recent endorsement of Redeeming Church Conflicts (copied below). Thanks so very much, Megan! … Continue reading

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This Made My Blood Run Cold — It really does only take three weeks to “rescue” your church …

My friend, Keri Seavey, tweeted a link to this post by Dr. Ortlund and even though it took only a moment to read, I’m sure I will be thinking about its content for a long time: How to “Rescue” Your … Continue reading

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