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Q. OK. We’re “reconciled.” I guess. But how could we ever trust one another again?

Q. OK. We’re “reconciled.” I guess. But how could we ever trust one another again? A. Trust God. Love People. So how do Christians rebuild trust with one another in the aftermath of church conflict, even if problems have been … Continue reading

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Embracing Church Conflict: The Implications of Doctrine

Tara and I recently had the joy of serving at the 2014 Peacemaker Conference on the topic of “Embracing Church Conflict: The Implications of Doctrine.” I prepared a handout with several attachments for our two-hour long workshop. In many ways, this document is “the … Continue reading

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Resilient Ministry: What it takes to survive and thrive

I greatly enjoyed this article by Megan Fowler and thought you might too: Resilient Ministry: What it takes to survive and thrive “What makes pastoral ministry so difficult that, although men feel called to pastoral ministry for a lifetime and spend … Continue reading

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