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Where does one even begin when there is so much hurt and fear in our church conflict?

Q. I am not in leadership but I can see how avoiding conflict is hurting the church as a whole and more specifically individuals. It is hard to pinpoint the cause and effect, but what I see happening is that rather than confronting … Continue reading

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“There is no adapting secular concepts here …”

Many thanks to Rev. John Pellowe, CEO of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, for this thorough (and positive!) review of Redeeming Church Conflicts: Leadership Reflections: An Exploration of Christian Leadership Practices

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Why Rookie Pastors Get Fired

An excellent read from David Murray: Why Rookie Pastors Get Fired I’m sure our dear friend, Ken Sande (over at RelationalWisdom360) would agree!

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This Made My Blood Run Cold — It really does only take three weeks to “rescue” your church …

My friend, Keri Seavey, tweeted a link to this post by Dr. Ortlund and even though it took only a moment to read, I’m sure I will be thinking about its content for a long time: How to “Rescue” Your … Continue reading

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