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Why Pastors Need the Body of Christ

(Reblogged from Paul Tripp Ministries. All Rights Reserved to Paul Tripp.) Why Pastors Need the Body of Christ Pastor, have you ever asked the question, “Who am I, and what do I spiritually need?” Or, church member, have you ever … Continue reading

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What difference does church membership make? I do everything in my church except vote …

“I am a regular attender, not a member.” Those were the sad words I heard; another person explaining to me the nature of their relationship with the church that they had been attending for eight years. I asked her: “I … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons Pastors Burn Out

Worth the read! 7 Reasons Pastors Burn Out: What is unique to this vocation that causes such a dramatic dropout rate? (HT: The Aquila Report)

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Thank you to Dr. Conrade Yap & Pastor Chris MacKinnon for your reviews of “Redeeming Church Conflicts”

What a blessing to end my day by reading two (positive!) reviews for Redeeming Church Conflicts: Chris MacKinnon’s Book Review of “Redeeming Church Conflicts” Dr. Conrade Yap Book Review of “Redeeming Church Conflicts” I particularly appreciated Pastor MacKinnon’s apt summary of … Continue reading

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Is Church Membership Really Required?

Worth the read! Is Church Membership Really Required? So many sections worth meditating on—but especially this one: “You need to know we’re all in this life together, and we won’t walk away from you just because you let us down … Continue reading

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